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Sep 22, 2021

This week the ladies sit down with comedian Shay Clemons to discuss comedy and the line between funny and offensive. Shay also shares details of his experiences as a comedian and drops the best "Unpopular Opinion"! 

Sep 15, 2021

This week, the girls were busy! From single releases to awards shows, join the Muvas as they break down the week's hottest topics. 

Sep 8, 2021

The ladies took a summer break but so much has happened! Jump in and catch up with your favorite Muvas as they discuss what they've been up to and a few current topics. 

May 26, 2021

Did you stick to your fitness goals during the pandemic? Is your body summer ready or is the summer getting whatever body you give it? Join the ladies tonight as they chat about their fitness journey, healthy eating, and social media dating advice.

May 19, 2021

After a short hiatus, Ari and Patty are both back tonight to catch up on life and current events. We hear outside is open and masks are optional. But you may want to stay indoors if you've been scamming with PPP loans!